Can EMS micro wave play a cosmetic effect?

EMS micro radio wave is commonly known as radio wave skin shaping. It does not directly transmit the movement instructions to the muscles through the brain, but uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate the muscles to exercise the muscles for contraction and relaxation, so as to achieve the effect of lifting the thin face.

At the same time, current stimulation of the dermis will also promote cells to produce more ATP, and ATP is the key material for the production of collagen. Therefore, micro current massage on the face can accelerate the production of collagen and make the contour of facial lines clearer.

This method of electrical muscle stimulation therapy can also fully exercise the local fat layer, improve the basic metabolism of the human body, reduce fat and eliminate fat. Therefore, many fat reducing and shaping equipment will also adopt EMS micro wave technology.

The effects that EMS micro wave can achieve are: firming skin, skin lifting, fine skin, face sculpture, slimming and weight loss, closing abdomen and lifting buttocks, etc.

Compared with RF function, the timely display effect of micro current is very strong, but the persistence is relatively poor.

LED red and blue

What is the LED red and blue light care often said in beauty salons?

In fact, the skin is generally composed of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Red and blue light can stimulate the metabolism of mitochondria in each cell, resulting in a certain effect. Different wavelengths of LED light will have different effects on the skin. Different wavelengths of light lead to different colors.

LED red light with a wavelength of more than 600 nm can promote wound healing and increase the phagocytosis of leukocytes; In terms of beauty, it can stimulate and promote cell metabolism, improve cell activity and stimulate collagen regeneration, so as to make your skin smooth, tender and elastic; Acting on the skin can tighten pores. At the same time, if the skin is inflamed, it can also shine red light.

Blue light with a wavelength of more than 400 nm has the effect of sterilization and anti-inflammatory. This is because bacteria on the skin will absorb this wavelength of light, decompose and kill bacteria, and normalize sebum secretion. Therefore, it is generally used to treat acne.

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