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Does microneedle freckle have effect? Can microneedle freckle go clean

Many girls who love beauty are troubled by spots. In fact, many people should have heard of micro needle freckle removal. It is a fairly effective freckle removal method. Let’s take a look at the effect of micro needle freckle removal.

Does microneedle freckle have effect? Can microneedle freckle go clean

Does microneedle freckle have effect

Microneedle freckle removal is effective, and the effect is relatively good, because there are many small needles on the microneedle roller. Through stimulating the skin, point-to-point ultra-fine penetration technology is adopted to directly introduce cell growth factors, detoxification factors and ultra concentrated nutrients into the deep layer of the skin, so as to achieve the effect of effective skin whitening and freckle removal.

Micro needle freckle can go clean

Micro needle speckle removal has certain limitations if you want to clean it, because micro needle can help us remove spots, but it is likely to remove unclean spots.

If you want to remove it completely, it can be combined with laser freckle removal, because laser freckle removal will not recur. You should pay more attention to eating more dark vegetables in your diet and not staying up late in the sun. If you do these well, you can completely remove the spots from the root.

Precautions after micro needle freckle removal

  1. 1 ~ 2 days after operation, there will be slight scab at the treatment site of gold micro needle, which is a normal phenomenon after treatment. Do not tear off the scab artificially.
  2. Skin care products containing irritant ingredients should not be used after microneedle treatment, but medical sterile moisturizing products should be used.
  3. Pigmentation is easy to occur after microneedle treatment, so pay attention to sunscreen. Just finished microneedles are not suitable for sunscreen, so go to the hospital as real money. It’s best to prepare masks, sunglasses, hats, umbrellas and so on to block the sun’s light. In the future, in outdoor activities, beauty lovers still need to wear sunscreen (more than SPF30).

What is a microneedle

Literally, microneedles can be understood as tiny needles, which are composed of dense small needles. It is said that now the thinnest needle has reached the micron level, only mm. In recent years, it has been widely used in the field of medical beauty.

In short, these tiny needles are used to pierce the cuticle on the most surface of the skin in a short time, so that drugs (whitening, repairing, anti-inflammatory and other components) can penetrate into the interior of the skin, so as to achieve the purposes of whitening, wrinkle removal, acne marks, acne pits and so on.