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How to choose EMS electrical muscle stimulation according to skin type and skin care habits

According to the technical principle, EMS electrical muscle stimulation is divided into five categories: RF, micro current, EMS, ion and phototherapy. Different beauty instruments are suitable for different skin types and skin ages, as well as different operation difficulties and use frequencies.

For example, RF beauty instrument is only suitable for users over the age of 30. If it is acne muscle, it is not suitable for micro current beauty instrument.

For girls who use EMS electrical muscle stimulation products for the first time, we suggest you start with exporting, importing and lifting compact products. The prices of these two types of products are relatively low and the operation is relatively easy.

See product qualification

The beauty instrument is not a medical device, but a household appliance. It can be sold in the market only if it meets the safety standard of GB4706 household and similar appliances, which is the most basic requirement.

If a product has FDA certification or other certification, it means that the product has passed more stringent testing and has a higher safety factor. Therefore, the purchase depends on whether the product has relevant testing reports.

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