Muscle Stimulator

Is the electrical muscle stimulator really as easy to use as the legend?

People’s choices are nothing more than giving up some and getting some. They are all games.

The muscle stimulator machine is a simplified version of the headlight. It abandons the function and gets convenience. It doesn’t need to sit still and close its eyes for half an hour. It can nest on the sofa and brush a play for beauty. It will not have the multiple functions of the headlights. It can only emit a single kind of light, the strength can not be adjusted, and the power is lower.

The function of electric muscle stimulation machine red light is mainly to stimulate collagen production. Long term use can tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, repair acne pits and marks. After use, the skin will dry and need to be hydrated in time. I think if you don’t have the perseverance to insist on using the headlights, it’s better to insist on using lightstim.

Blue light acts on the surface of the skin to kill Propionibacterium acnes, so as to play an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory role, inhibit the secretion of sebaceous gland oil and prevent the recurrence of acne. Tens muscle stimulator can only emit blue light at one point, that is, if you have acne on your face, just shine directly at that acne, which will accelerate the disappearance of acne.

Acne muscles are worth entering, especially students. If they eat a little greasy, they will burst acne. If they squeeze the acne pits, they will not squeeze the acne marks. It is impossible to move the large row lamp to school. It is much more convenient to use this. But because Bei has passed the age of acne, so didn’t use it after she bought it except to turn on the machine once. Impulse shopping is the devil!

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