muscle stimulator machine

Is the electrical muscle stimulator you want to have?

If you are only going to buy a muscle stimulator EMS, I will recommend it to you, Decathlon Player Yameng.

EMS muscle stimulator machine has six functions: cleaning export, moisturizing import, eye micro current, EMS lifting, red light RF and ice application, so a Yameng = cleaning beauty instrument + import beauty instrument + lifting beauty instrument + phototherapy beauty instrument + ice bag * n. Although a single effect may not be comparable to a specific beauty instrument, the price advantage and ease of use are also very attractive competitiveness.

Go to the hospital to make an overheated Maggie, and the effect will last about half a year (after that, we will also pick up the cost performance of various medical and beauty projects, etc.) the principle of electric muscle stimulator is the same as that of hot Maggie, so who is better to choose – in terms of price, it should be used to hang hot Maggie and run the house industriously and thriftily; In terms of effect, the hot Maggie of medical beauty project can last for half a year, while the facial muscle stimulator is used the next day. Lazy girls should choose the hot Maggie.

Radiofrequency can promote the contraction and tension of subcutaneous collagen, resulting in two effects: thickening of skin dermis, shallowing or even disappearance of wrinkles; The shape of subcutaneous collagen is remodeled to produce new collagen, and the skin becomes firm. So if you want to be young, you have to use RF!

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