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Laser to chloasma will rebound

Chloasma is a common facial skin disease in life. Its appearance greatly reduces the face image of beauty lovers. At present, laser is the most significant method to remove chloasma. Will laser remove chloasma rebound? Now let’s learn more about it.

Laser chloasma removal will not damage normal skin tissue. Laser chloasma removal is to pass the laser beam of specific wavelength through the epidermis and dermis, destroy pigment cells and pigment particles, and the fragments are processed and absorbed by macrophages in the body. Laser chloasma removal is safe and will not rebound, which fundamentally solves the disadvantages of previous freckle removal methods.

The time for laser treatment of chloasma is only a few minutes at a time, up to more than ten minutes. Chloasma after each treatment, the skin has a metabolic process, so the interval between treatment is mostly 3 months. According to the size, quantity and depth of pigment and vascular lesions, some treatments can achieve the expected effect once or twice, but generally it takes about one course of treatment to completely solve the problem of skin spots.

To remove Chloasma by laser, the treatment area should be kept clean. Antibiotic ointment can be used to protect the wound. In principle, it is not suitable to scrub with water. It is forbidden to remove scabs in the early stage. Laser chloasma removal should be allowed to fall off by itself. At the same time, avoid sunlight exposure. After scab skin falls off, sunscreen and vitamin C can also be used to prevent the formation of secondary pigment.

Here, I would like to remind you that for beauty seekers, we must choose a regular plastic and cosmetic hospital for laser treatment of chloasma. The regular plastic and cosmetic hospital will have advanced instruments and equipment and professional dermatologists, and the effect and safety will be more guaranteed.