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Possible complications after laser hair removal

Possible complications after laser hair removal. Laser hair removal mainly uses the absorption principle of laser to skin pigment, so as to remove excess hair from the skin. Laser hair removal still has many advantages over traditional wax hair removal and shaving, but laser hair removal needs to be operated correctly to avoid some unnecessary sequelae.

The best wavelength is used for treatment: the laser can be fully and selectively absorbed by melanin, and the laser can effectively penetrate the skin to reach the position of hair follicle. The effect of laser is effectively reflected in the melanin in the hair follicle to generate heat for hair removal.

Possible complications after laser hair removal

Erythema: there may be light erythema in the irradiation area, which generally subsides naturally after a few days. Peeling: some people have brown thin scabs on their skin after treatment, which fall off naturally in about 1 week. Pigmentation: a few people may have light brown spots after treatment, which is a response of the skin to treatment. Because only a few people occur, it is related to the individual’s special constitution. If pigmentation occurs, most of them can still recover after a few months. The 100 millisecond semiconductor has a longer pulse width than the general 30 millisecond, and is equipped with a cooling head, so the possibility of pigmentation is less.

Scar: theoretically, this selectivity will not cause irreversible damage to the normal tissue around the hair follicle. However, if you have a special constitution, or do not pay attention to local cleaning and bacterial infection after operation, small scars may appear.

Burn the skin. Since the laser is a kind of thermal light source, improper operation or unqualified laser instrument may burn the skin. If you choose a large plastic surgery hospital for laser hair removal, this situation can be avoided. First of all, large plastic surgery hospitals have an authoritative team of doctors who are skilled in laser hair removal.

Thirdly, large plastic surgery hospitals have relatively high-end hair removal instruments, such as snow and ice hair removal. These hair removal instruments have the latest cold light source technology. In the treatment process, they will not burn the skin, but also intelligently control the laser temperature, so that beauty seekers can carry out laser hair removal in a comfortable and painless condition

Nursing points after laser hair removal

  1. Do not use cosmetics and skin care products containing fruit acid and a acid after operation, but use mild skin care formula.
  2. After laser hair removal surgery, scrub, alcohol and antiperspirant cannot be used at the treatment site.
  3. When bathing, avoid showering hot water on the treatment site and use warm water.
  4. In order to avoid infection, do not swim in the swimming pool or beach after operation.
  5. Do not wear tight clothes or silk stockings to keep the treatment area dry and breathable.
  6. Do not bake sauna or steam bath after laser hair removal.

Possible complications after laser hair removal. As long as the laser hair removal is operated correctly, there will generally be no sequelae. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to postoperative nursing after laser hair removal. Good nursing can help us avoid some sequelae.