Super popular household muscle stimulator EMS evaluation! When you use it right, you can return to 18?

Let’s first talk about the principle of RF, which is to heat a part of tissue through positioning, penetrate the epidermal layer to the dermis, stimulate collagen regeneration, and then carry out morphological remodeling. It can achieve the effect of “thin face”~

The cost of RF electric muscle stimulator technology is high, so the overall price will be higher. But one price, one goods! It can directly hit the deep layer of the skin, improve the legal lines / fine lines around the eyes, make the facial skin look tighter and restore elasticity. The effect is very good~

The Jianghu people call it a children’s beauty machine, which is to make you grow collagen. The face looks younger. The principle is thermomaggie, which is RF technology.

Using four groups of low-power RF to penetrate the epidermis and deep into the dermis, the generated heat energy leads to collagen contraction, activates and stimulates dermal activity, improves and speeds up the ability of collagen to rebuild and regenerate, because the coarse pores caused by collagen loss can also be improved and promote microcirculation.

For the sake of safety, the domestic RF Beauty Instrument mostly adopts multi-level RF, and its depth into the skin is far inferior to the medical single-level RF, and the effect is naturally weak.

When you use it, you need to cooperate with a special gel, and you can’t substitute other skin care products. This is used to avoid overheating and scalding the skin.

The well-known electrical muscle stimulation machine mainly generates current through solar panels. It can be used as long as there is light without plug-in. It is platinum plated and waterproof. Very convenient, the current is very small, and the human body can hardly feel it.

If your skin is prone to edema and you want to improve the contour, this will have a very good effect. The maintenance time is not long. It is suitable for people who are willing to use it diligently, but not for lazy people.

The micro current of electric muscle stimulation machine is only more than 30 micro amps, and the micro current action ability is weak. If the light is unstable, it may not be more than 30. It is mainly through its roller design to lift and tighten the skin by object massage.

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