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Three stages of the development of laser spot removing instrument

There are three stages in the development of laser freckle removing instruments. The laser freckle removing instruments mainly go through three stages. The laser freckle removing instruments mainly include black faced doll, dot matrix laser therapeutic instrument and feidun No. 1 multifunctional composite color light beauty therapeutic instrument. Laser therapeutic instruments have appeared in the last century and have been greatly developed so far.

Three stages of development of laser freckle removing instrument

Basic research stage (1960s): the first meaningful laser was introduced into clinic by Maiman in 1960. It includes a ruby and can emit a laser with a wavelength of 694nm. In 1961, ruby laser was used to weld the stripped retina; In 1963, Goldman l began to apply ruby laser to the treatment of benign skin lesions and tattoos with success. In 1965, Goldman reported that the use of ruby laser can effectively remove tattoos without scar after treatment; After that, Nd: YAG laser was used to eliminate tattoos and treat superficial vascular malformations. In 1968, Nd: YAG laser was developed in Shanghai.

Clinical use stage (1970s): Goldman L and others first used continuous CO2 laser to treat basal cell carcinoma and skin hemangioma in 1970. Due to the continuous provision of effective laser power and energy density, they overcame the shortcomings of low power and low efficiency of early pulsed laser, which set off the upsurge of laser medical treatment for the first time at home and abroad.

Mature stage (1990s): in the early 1990s, the application of Q-switched laser in the treatment of pigmented diseases, such as nevus of Ota and tattoo, has achieved almost perfect therapeutic effect; In the middle and late 1990s, 532nm laser with variable pulse width has also achieved good results in the treatment of vascular diseases. At this time, advanced complete sets of laser beauty instruments from the United States, Israel, Germany and other countries have been rapidly introduced into China and tend to be popular. Some domestic laser beauty instruments have also been more and more applied in China and gradually replace the leading position of foreign products.

Laser spot removing instrument

Feidun No. 1 multifunctional composite color light beauty therapeutic instrument. The perfect combination of five photons and five lasers is a real high-tech product. It integrates skin rejuvenation, depilation, deep wrinkle removal, blood vessels, pigment and other beauty applications, and more fully meets the needs of beauty loving.

Black face doll laser beauty therapeutic instrument. Taking the imported carbon element as the medium, absorb more energy to penetrate into the skin, carry out deep sterilization, digest pigment and refine the skin, which is a laser skin beautification you still want to do.

Dot matrix laser therapeutic instrument. It is a technology that transforms the traditional laser emission mode into pixel mode (micropore mode). It not only has the rapid and significant effect of invasive treatment, but also has the advantages of small non-invasive treatment side effects and short recovery time. It integrates the advantages of the two. The scope of laser whitening and freckle treatment is applicable to patients with obvious facial spots and small area, especially for natural spots. It is a good freckle care method.

After three stages, the development of the three laser treatment instruments is not a technical problem so far. They play an important role in the treatment of all kinds of color spots.