What instrument should be used to clean and replenish water, thin face and wrinkle?

The appearance of small beauty appliances will make home care gradually replace beauty salons, and small beauty appliances will become the choice of most beauty lovers.

The high-end market is divided by overseas brands. The products in the middle and low-end market have general reputation, weak product power and lack of brand power. The middle-end market is temporarily vacuum, and the new blue ocean needs to be developed. Domestic companies that can balance product strength and brand strength have the potential of nuggets in the medium and high-end market.

New functions are emerging one after another, and the category of beauty small household appliances is expanding rapidly.

The first beauty small household appliances to receive a lot of attention is electrical muscle stimulation. At present, it is still the largest category of beauty small household appliances.

Just as cleaning is the first step of beauty, facial cleanser is only the beginning of beauty small household appliances. An obvious trend is that new functional and multi-functional products are more and more popular.

Cleaning: the cleanser technology is mainly acoustic vibration, which is differentiated in the brush head.

At present, the cleaning instruments on the market can be divided into acoustic tremor and ion export according to the technical route. The cleaning effect of acoustic tremor is more obvious, which is also the technical route adopted by most cleaning instruments. According to the classification of brush heads, one part adopts bristles, and the other part adopts silica gel and titanium alloy. The brush head of brush type needs to be replaced every 3 months, and the brush head of non brush type does not need to be replaced, which has cost advantages.

EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) micro current thin face uses micro current to stimulate facial nerves and imitate human natural muscle activities, so as to gently exercise facial muscles and improve muscle tightness.

At present, most face slimming functions adopt EMS mode. The unique one is refa. The front end of the instrument is a drainage roller. Face slimming can also provide massage function.

Tighten muscles, lift skin, thin face and reduce wrinkles. Although the function of the face slimming instrument is simple, the effect of EMS is immediate, especially in the case of serious edema and relaxation. After use, you can immediately observe that the skin becomes tight and the face shape is improving, which can well stimulate the desire to buy.

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