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What is laser eyebrow washing

Laser eyebrow washing is a plastic surgery invented after the emergence of eyebrow tattooing. The eyebrow color is not ideal, the shape and position of eyebrows on both sides are asymmetric, the eyebrow shape is inconsistent with the face shape, eye shape, age and hair color, too black, too thick, too thin, and even some strange eyebrows that make people laugh and laugh. The occurrence of these situations makes eyebrow tattooing not only can not add beauty, but ugly, which brings trouble and pain to people. Laser eyebrow washing is produced in this case.

What is laser eyebrow washing? The following small series will introduce you from three aspects: the principle of laser eyebrow washing, the interval of eyebrow washing and the characteristics of laser eyebrow washing. What is laser eyebrow washing.

1、 Principle of laser eyebrow washing

The reason why laser eyebrow washing can act on skin beauty is that it can quickly decompose and destroy pigment particles in a short time and clear the skin’s own metabolic system. The duration of laser irradiation is very short, so it will not cause damage to the surrounding normal skin tissue.

2、 Interval of eyebrow washing

Laser eyebrow washing generally takes about 3-5 times, which can be washed every 3 months. After laser eyebrow washing, there will be a process of scab falling off, which can be done in about a week. Normal tissue will have different degrees of scar hyperplasia in the recovery period from 15th to 1.5 months after operation. People with poor physique will have some imprints. After 3 months, the scars soften and absorb, and the imprints fade.

3、 Characteristics of laser eyebrow washing

  1. Laser eyebrow washing does not damage skin and hair follicles, does not produce scars, and only removes pigment.
  2. Laser eyebrow washing can remove the pigment that cannot be removed by drugs or other methods.
  3. Those who seek beauty have less pain, and the vast majority of those who seek beauty do not need anesthesia.
  4. It recovers quickly and has little impact on normal work.
  5. After laser eyebrow washing, the reaction is small, and the slight swelling subsides within a few days.
  6. Laser sterilization, no cross infection, no special treatment environment.
  7. Laser eyebrow washing is simple, convenient and easy to master.

Laser eyebrow washing has passed the test of a large number of clinical application practice, and it has a unique and significant cosmetic effect. After eyebrow tattooing, some new cosmetic problems appear. The cosmetic surgery to solve these problems is laser eyebrow washing, and its existence is very necessary.