Why buy EMS muscle stimulator machine?

From the perspective of physiological activities, the skin state is about 25 years old, and all indicators reach the peak stage, such as moisture, collagen content, sebum secretion and cell self-healing ability. Then it begins to go downhill, the skin’s metabolic ability becomes weak, and fine lines will gradually appear.

Although skin care products can bring certain nourishment to the skin, the absorption effect is really general. Beauty instrument can help skin care products absorb better, cooperate with massage techniques and some high-tech means, so as to tighten the skin and reduce fine lines.

What is a domestic muscle stimulator machine

The home beauty instrument is composed of a host and accessories. The accessories include ultrasonic probe, high pulse probe, ion introduction probe, exfoliation probe, far-infrared probe, etc. it is not used for medical purposes, but only for facial cleaning, exfoliation, wrinkle removal, fade spots, tighten skin and brighten skin color.

How to select an electrical muscle stimulation machine?

If the demand is classified, the beauty instrument can be divided into three categories: export and import, lifting and tightening, wrinkle removal and whitening.

Export import

The meaning of export is to remove dirt from the skin. The introduction means to promote the absorption of skin to the essence of skin care. The general technology of ion products is used for the introduction of imported products. Collocation of cleansing lotion is used when exporting the function. Collocation of moisturizing lotion is used when using the function of introduction, and two to three times a week.

Lift and tighten

The beauty instrument with lifting and tightening function basically relies on micro current technology to send mild and safe micro current pulse energy for important parts, which is helpful to repair skin elastic fiber and glial tissue, cooperate with massage, and make facial lines clearer, so as to achieve the effect of removing edema and lifting thin face.

Wrinkle removing and whitening

Wrinkle removal mainly depends on RF technology, while whitening can be realized through LED light wave beauty. Different wavelengths of light are used to improve the brightness of the skin without matching the product. However, water must be replenished before and after irradiation, two to three times a week.

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