Why do people like to use EMS electrical muscle stimulation now?

We all know that most of the effective ingredients in skin care products are composed of organic macromolecules, which are difficult to penetrate the epidermis of human skin in natural state. When you apply it by hand, you can only keep the nutritional elements on the surface of the skin and cannot be deeply absorbed, so you often feel that skin care products float on the skin.

The basic principle of ultrasonic best electrical muscle stimulation machine is to break up the larger maintenance components into smaller molecules by using the high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic, give full play to their penetration and make the skin easier to absorb, so that your skin care products can play their role.

Because the absorption and effectiveness of nutrients take a time process, it is difficult for you to directly see the changes of skin in this way, and the effect is not so obvious. However, after long-term use, the effect will gradually emerge.

Ion import and export

In fact, although the functions of import and export are different, the technical principle is the same, so Bi Chengjun put them together.

In fact, import and export is to use the physical principle of same-sex repulsion and opposite-sex attraction of positive and negative charged ions to achieve the purpose of transmitting effective substances through the equivalent exchange of ions (positive electricity for positive electricity and negative electricity for negative electricity).

Among them, negative ions are introduced and positive ions are exported. For example, when skin care products with active ion components encounter electrodes of the same polarity, they will accelerate and strengthen, penetrate into the skin through the pores, sweat glands and cell spaces of the skin, and can more than double the penetration rate of skin care products. At the same time, positive ions export the deep pore dirt and deeply clean the skin.

The most suitable products for iontophoresis are products containing water-soluble vitamin C. In addition, kojic acid, arbutin, tranexamic acid, peptide and other components are also suitable for iontophoresis. Iontophoresis has the most obvious effect in whitening and rejuvenation.

RF radio frequency is actually the hot Maggie and ultrasonic knife often said in the beauty salon, that is, the radio wave skin lifting and wrinkle removal in the beauty salon.

RF radio frequency is the abbreviation of high-frequency AC variable electromagnetic wave. This electromagnetic wave has deep warm effect and can promote metabolism. It is widely used in beauty instruments in major beauty institutions.

Why does this kind of facial muscle stimulator work?

Let’s put it this way. First of all, the elasticity of human skin is mainly due to the collagen of collagen fibers in the skin dermis forming the skin scaffold. As you grow older, busy and tired, the secretion of skin collagen will decrease day by day.

In this way, your original delicate skin will begin to become loose and dry, resulting in problems such as wrinkles and loss of luster. Therefore, to keep young and maintain the youthful vitality of the skin, we must increase the content of collagen in the skin.

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